Company Overview | News Release

Fanciful Pear is a company that provides you with an abundance of whimsical and romantic products for your home.

We delight in blending the old with the new to create a warm, inviting look. You will find lovely hand-crafted treasures unlike those found elsewhere.

We offer a line of hand crafted, one of a kind, applied mosaic pieces ranging from delicately detailed picture frames to elaborately crafted serving trays and furniture pieces.

Each piece is dated and signed by designer and Wisconsin mosaic artist, Penny Stark. Penny creates these delightful works of art using vintage china and assorted porcelain treasures. Her work is unique in that she specializes in three-dimensional art by adding flowers, a tiny teacup, animals, or other figurines to her creations. The outcome is breathtakingly beautiful. She delights in taking vintage finds, perhaps something chipped, broken, or misunderstood and giving it new life.

We truly hope that our product offering inspires you to decorate your home. Feel free to contact us for custom orders or commissioned mosaic work.